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On a cold drab Tuesday November evening in the cathedral quarter of Belfast, Mark Gordon (Scoredraw music) and I sat down for a chat in front of an audience for the Sound of Belfast Music Festival in the Oh Yeah Music Centre’s main space surrounded by iconic images and paraphernalia from Northern’s Irelands rich heritage of music. Of all the talks and workshops I have given over the years, this was in one of the most relaxed and comfortable settings.


Previous guests of the event have been Tim Wheeler of Ash, SOAK, Duke Special, Ciaran Lavery, Tom Robinson and Kathryn Joseph.


It was very special to be talking about my music career in the city where my early music making memories were made. As a teenager I played clarinet in the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra. One memorable summer, the orchestra toured West Germany and Austria performing in town squares and churches. In the years prior to leaving home, I busked in a saxophone quartet on the streets of Belfast – my first taste of earning an income through music.


I talked about my early career in the pop world and how connections I made slowly helped to pave the way for a career in scoring to picture. I was always hungry to work with the best people in the business while writing my music. Music was, and still is, my passion.


There were lots of questions from the audience. Thank you to everyone who came.