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The Irish News
3 July 2021

Interview with Jane Hardy about my EMMY win for The Last Artifact.

14 June 2021

Interview with Broadcast magazine about how I wrote the music for Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty.

17 October 2020

Interview with RTE News about the new IN-IS album.

The Irish News

Sheridan talks about his new IN-IS album ‘2068’ and his ideal weekend.

Golden Plec
21 September 2020

Irish Songs You Need To Hear This Week

Hot Press
21 September 2020

“The droning synths and haunting vocals create an intimate, nearly claustrophobic soundscape.”

The Thin Air
17 September 2020

“Another characteristically panoramic blend of balmy atmospheric washes and lush synth arpeggios, Vail continues to deliver in abundance.”

Hot Press
6 August 2020

“Showcases IN-IS’ talent for sleek electronic production and beautiful construction of sound.”

26 June 2020

At no point during the song can you think about anything else, the whole world just dissipates and you’re left alone with the sounds of a world class composer and the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Ailbhe Reddy.

21 June 2020

A dense, hypnotic release that catalogues the electronic ways in which society conducts itself.

Golden Plec
19 June 2020

Daydream feats. Ailbhe Reddy by IN-IS is featured in Golden Plec’s Songs You Need To Hear This Week.

Hot Press
19 June 2020

Blending choral elements rather effortlessly with gentle, cinematic instrumentation, Sheridan muses on the dystopia into which our world seems to be inevitably devolving.

18 June 2020

‘Daydream feat. Ailbhe Reddy’ by IN-IS is a stirring blend of electronic production with sumptuous neo-classical motifs under Reddy’s equally magnetising vocals.

BBC Sounds Across The Line
15 June 2020

BBC Sounds Across The Line premiered ‘Daydream feat. Ailbhe Reddy’ by IN-IS.

Scannain - Irish For Movies
9 April 2020

Scannain – Irish For Movies reproduced the blog article I wrote for the best home recording setup for professional musicians.

The Sunday Times
28 March 2020

The Sunday Times had a feature on Arts Organisations going digital in response to Covid-19 and referenced my piano composition ’Together’.

The Irish News
18 February 2020

“Sheridan always could get music out of a stone” – quote from Sheridan’s “In The Spotlight” with The Irish News – Q&A

Ulster Tatler
26 January 2020

Interview with feature writer Jane Hardy from the Ulster Tatler where Sheridan answers questions such as “Where does music come from?”.

BBC Radio Ulster
15 January 2020

Interview on BBC Radio Ulster with Seamus McKee on his Evening Extra show to discuss Billie Eilish as the choice of artist to compose the opening titles song for the new James Bond film No Time To Die.

BBC Radio Ulster
6 November 2019

Interview on BBC Radio Ulster’s Evening Extra with Seamus McKee. Sheridan talks about his inspiration for the soundtrack to Spotlight on The Troubles: A Secret History and his BBC Radio 3 premiere of The Troubles Suite.

Belfast Telegraph
5 November 2019

Belfast composer Sheridan Tongue hosts an event to nurture new talent as part of the Sound of Belfast Festival.

The List
16 October 2019

Hosting the BAFTA-nominated, Belfast-born composer Sheridan Tongue in the “Getting To Know” gig for Sound of Belfast.

BBC Radio 3 - The Troubles Suite
9 October 2019

Performed by the Ulster Orchestra and recorded at Ulster Hall, this suite is an orchestration of three pieces from the landmark BBC television series, Spotlight on The Troubles: A Secret History.

BBC Radio Ulster - The Arts Show
9 October 2019

Interview on BBC Radio Ulster’s The Arts Show discussing Sheridan Tongue’s involvement in Spotlight On The Troubles: A Secret History.


Belfast Newsletter
2 October 2019

“The musical backing for the programme, which re-examines some of the key moments during the conflict, came from Belfast-born composer Sheridan Tongue.”

Belfast Times 
2 October 2019

“Belfast born composer Sheridan Tongue has produced a unique orchestral version of his soundtrack for the landmark BBC documentary series Spotlight on the Troubles: A Secret History.”

Bloom Magazine 
1 October 2019

“Belfast born composer Sheridan Tongue has produced a unique orchestral version of his soundtrack for the landmark BBC documentary series Spotlight on the Troubles: A Secret History.”

27 September 2019

The Oh Yeah Music Centre revealed the full Sound of Belfast programme for 2019. The 10-day celebration of local music was established to promote and celebrate the musicians, bands, venues, promoters and music communities of Belfast. BAFTA-nominated composer Sheridan Tongue is set for “Getting To Know”.

Irish Film and Television News
16 September 2019

“Composer Sheridan Tongue discusses returning to Belfast to create a unique soundtrack for the landmark BBC documentary series Spotlight on the Troubles: A Secret History.”

Belfast Telegraph
12 September 2019

“Using oil drums to create the atmospheric sounds of conflict on Belfast streets during the Troubles is just one of the highly emotive elements of composer Sheridan Tongue’s distinctive score for the new BBC series commemorating 50 years of the Troubles.”

Belfast Telegraph 
26 April 2019

“He can elevate tension levels and haunt us, but he can also instil intense feelings of awe and soulfulness – all with a few carefully chosen chord sequences and ethereal vocal takes.”