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Part 7 – The film ‘Behind the Scenes’

For my final blog on scoring Spotlight on The Troubles: A Secret History I am sharing this short ‘behind the scenes’ film on the process of creating my soundtrack for the series. I invited filmmaker Alexandru Luchita to some of the recording sessions and he made this beautiful short film.

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into my music for the series. A huge thank-you to my wonderful musicians and music team:




Dan Jeffries: Electric Guitar

Joby Burgess: Drums and percussion

Dirk Campbell: Ethnic Flutes

Additional keyboards, additional guitar and drum programming: Ryan Vail

Additional live drums and synth programming: Kevin DePree

Violins: Simone Pirri, Haru Yoshimura

Viola: Emma Alter

‘Cello: Poppy Walshall


String Fixing: Hilary Skews & Jenny Sacha

String copying: Dave Foster


Drums and strings recorded by Dan Cox

Recorded at Urchin Studios, London

Additional mixes & sound processing: Dan Jeffries

Mixed by Jake Jackson

String players recording session


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