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50 Conversations about Music


It was a real honour to take part in Output Belfast’s landmark 50 Conversations about Music series which goes live today. It’s a great initiative that brings together creatives from the Northern Ireland music sector and beyond to discuss making connections to create new ways to thrive during these challenging times.

I was asked to host the Music for TV conversation where I am joined by the very talented Claire McCartney and Beccy Henderson from the electro-pop band Vokxen who create wonderful dark synth landscapes in their tracks.

Claire and Beccy were keen to find out what steps they should take to break into the film scoring world.  I always say this is a real ‘people business’ so we discuss networking at industry events and the importance of building relationships with the decision-makers, like music supervisors who are becoming increasingly important in this sector.

We also talk about developing tracks, especially instrumental pieces, to pitch for film and TV work and being prepared to ensure a good first impression when you reach out.

With writing tips and views on what makes a great soundtrack, finding your own voice, and raising your profile online, I hope this conversation and sharing my personal experiences help young artists like Claire and Beccy understand a little more about what makes a compelling score for film and TV.

Output Belfast 2021 – Music For TV – Claire McCartney (Vokxen), Beccy Henderson (Vokxen) & Sheridan Tongue (Composer) from Output Belfast on Vimeo.

All 50 conversations are available to view here with discussions on every aspect of the music industry. I hope you enjoy our chat and don’t forget to check out Vokxen’s music here.