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For the last three years, I have been working on a project very close to my heart, enjoying the opportunity to work with many wonderful artists whom I have admired for years and a few that I discovered on this very personal journey.

It all started when I posed the question “what will the world be like in 50 years and what can we do now to change things? in early 2018”. My response is my new IN-IS album 2068, and my thanks to those who worked with me to make this happen, Tom Adams, Ava Bowers, David Gledhill, Haula, Alev Lenz, Ailbhe Reddy, and Jonny Satellitesister, whose lyrics considering life now and in 2068, blended with their unique vocal performances, make me so proud of each individual track.

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Release date 16:10:2020


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Record Label: NW1 Records

Edited by Alex Luchita