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The Sparticle Mystery: Next Time and Main Titles Theme

This piece is from the children’s series The Sparticle Mystery. I wanted to write a positive ‘feel good’ theme while giving a slight hint of science fiction. It was composed as a theme for the first series and subsequently used for all series afterwards.

The electric guitar used in the piece is played by composer Dan Jeffries.

The Sparticle Mystery is a British science fiction television series written and created by Alison Hume and produced by Sparticles Productions for CBBC. The series follows a group of ten children within modern Britain, where an experiment at a Large Hadron Collider-like facility, named the Sparticle Project, goes wrong, sending all persons aged 15 and over into a parallel dimension at exactly 11:11am. The children travel to the Sparticle Project in attempt to bring back the adults and re-align the two dimensions.

Three seasons of the show aired on the BBC between 2011 and 2015.