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‘Broken Ones (feat. Haula)’ by IN-IS

I gave a workshop on Composing for TV at the wonderful Tileyard Education Centre at Kings Cross, run by Martyn Ware a few years back, to a room filled with enthusiastic singers and artists all wanting to learn more about the music business.

At the time I was still on the lookout for vocalists for my new IN-IS album, so I told them about my ‘2068’ concept and suggested they get in touch with some of their vocal tracks.

Emerging singer-songwriter Haula was there that day and sent me some of her recordings directly afterwards. The quality of her voice immediately struck me: the eloquence and restrained nature was beautiful and compelling.

There was a track I had written, but I’d struggled to find the right singer. I knew Haula would be perfect for it…that track is ‘Broken Ones’. And so began another wonderful collaboration on this album’s journey.

Thank you Haula for reaching out to me…it’s been amazing working with you…you are a true professional, a rising star in the music business x

Presave link for all platforms here.

New IN-IS album ‘2068’ coming out 16:10:2020.