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When I first began work on composing the music for Spotlight On The Troubles: A Secret History, I did not realise how much of an impact my childhood in Belfast and growing up though the Troubles was going to influence my score. The images and scenes from the films brought back a lot of those powerful memories and they helped create what I hope is a visceral soundtrack for viewers.

I always believe that a music soundtrack needs to have a reason for being there, and that the music should come from within the film. If I can get down to the ‘DNA’ of the film when I begin work on a project then hopefully the soundtrack will be very cohesive with the film and story.

British army on Falls Road, Belfast.


It is very humbling to read that episode five of the series was the third-most watched programme on BBC Northern Ireland this year so far, after Line of Duty and Strictly Come Dancing. To date the series has reached more than 1.8 million people across Northern Ireland and Britain, and has received more than 1.1 million requests on the BBC iPlayer.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I hope that a whole new generation will watch this series in years to come.

Urchin Studios, 27 Nov 2018


A huge thank you to series producer Chris Thornton at BBC Northern Ireland for bringing me onto the series and trusting me at all times with my music.

Thank you to directors Maurice May, Denise O’Connor, Tamanna Rahman, Chris Moore, Sarah Mole, Lena Ferguson, Claire Irwin, Ciaran O’Neil and Rory Tinman.

Thank you Mandy McAuley, Darragh Macintyre and Jennifer O’Leary.

And finally, special thanks to film editors David Howel and Andy Kemp.


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