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The Turtle Walker

Feature Documentary (2023) 1 x 90 min

A film by Taira Malaney and Krish Makhija

Executive Producer: Isabelle Couture

Producer: Nikita Mamik

Impact Producer: Jill Ferguson

Very excited to be sharing more about this soon, and who I have been collaborating with scoring this incredible story. The film will be showing at various film festivals around the world in 2023. Please follow my socials for updates.



Satish Bhaskar, “Mr. Sea Turtle”, walks nearly 2/3rds of India’s coastline, in search of the elusive creature. His pioneering work involves extraordinary solo adventures, marooned on wild islands. With nothing but Sea Turtles for company, he begins to uncover their mysterious behavior. It is on one such survey of the Andaman islands in 1988 that he sees the giant ancient Leatherback, the first proof of their existence in India. However, he is hit by a painful nerve condition and forced to retire.

More about the Turtle Walker here.