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CSI Vegas

My track ‘Dark Light’ has been used in the opening episode of the second season of CSI Vegas. I wrote ‘Dark Light’ with artist/producer Tom Adams for my second IN-IS album ‘2068’ and we wanted to create a very personal melancholic song that builds to quite a cinematic sounding dystopian climax.


The vision for my IN-IS album ‘2068’ was ‘what would the world be like in 50 years time…2068?’ and what are some of the issues surrounding us today. Tom explains in the short film his thinking behind the lyrics. The album features collaborations with eight singers who all share their thoughts on this subject through lyrics.


Tom Adams talks about ‘Dark Light’ by IN-IS





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Another track from ‘2068’ that has been used in US scripted drama is Broken Ones (Ryan Vail Remix) by IN-IS featuring Haula. Broken Ones is used in Netflix’s Another Life. Read more about it here.