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‘The Mirror (feat. Ává Bowers)’ by IN-IS

دنيا رو نگاه كن   “Look in the Mirror you can see the World”

I remember vividly when I first heard Ává’s incredible voice. I was in my studio working with the American music producer Michael Hampton, when he put on a track with her vocals. I found myself quite literally transfixed by the raw beauty of her voice. I knew then Ává would be perfect for my next IN-IS album.

A native of Iran, Ává now lives in Los Angeles so I reached out to her there and within a few months we were writing this track together. Ává sings The Mirror in traditional Farsi and the richness of her voice combined with the hypnotic sound of the Persian language is both beautiful and haunting, she is a truly talented artist, thank you Ává x

Presave link for all platforms here.

New IN-IS album ‘2068’ coming out 16:10:2020.