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It never fails to affect me when I hear my music played out on screen.

While watching the new season of sci-fi drama Another Life on Netflix last week I had such a moment, when Haula’s haunting vocals from ‘Broken Ones’ played out to magnificent effect in the final explosive moments of the penultimate episode (Ep 209).



Broken Ones is taken from my second IN-IS album 2068. It all started when I posed the question “what will the world be like in 50 years and what can we do now to change things? in early 2018”. My response was my IN-IS album 2068, and my thanks to the singers who worked with me to make this happen, Haula, Tom Adams, Ava Bowers, David Gledhill, Alev Lenz, Ailbhe Reddy, and Jonny Satellitesister, whose lyrics considering life now and in 2068, blended with their unique vocal performances, make me so proud of each individual track.



You can listen to Broken Ones and my 2068 IN-IS album here on your preferred music platform.

You can watch Season 2 of Another Life on Netflix, ‘Broken Ones (Feat. Haula) by IN-IS’ plays out in the final scene of Episode 209.

If you want to hear more of Haula’s music click here, she now goes under the name Kayiah Music.