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‘Daydream (feat. Ailbhe Reddy)’ by IN-IS

Ailbhe Reddy is an Irish singer-songwriter I have admired for a number of years and in 2018 our shared publisher Sarah Liversedge introduced us. I really wanted to hear how her restrained and yet emotional voice would sit with my music. I sent her a few tracks to see if she was interested in a collaboration.

Then on a very sunny spring day in 2018, Ailbhe flew in from Dublin and we started working on her favourite track, the one that ultimately became ‘Daydream’. Her lyrics are perfect and her performance sounds both effortless and pure.

While I knew Ailbhe’s voice would work well with my music, I was still surprised just how well it worked, a natural fit.

Thank you Ailbhe for engaging with 2068. It has been amazing to be able to work with you. x

Presave link for all platforms here.

New IN-IS album ‘2068’ coming out 16:10:2020.