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Sheridan Tongue

BAFTA-nominated, Belfast-born composer Sheridan Tongue is best known for his scores that combine bespoke electronic elements with acoustic instruments.

He is a producer, songwriter, composer, performer and has released albums under his artist moniker IN-IS.

Having started his career working in London recording studios with icons such as Robert Plant and Blur, Sheridan was presented with a gold record for his work on the album ‘Prodigal Sista’ by Beverly Knight.

He segued into film and television composition and is best known for composing the music for seasons  9-20 of the BBC long running drama series Silent Witness (available on Amazon Prime) and also working on the soundtracks of many of the late Professor Stephen Hawking’s films.
He is currently working on a series for BBC Northern Ireland about The Troubles to coincide with the 50 year anniversary (2019) since the conflict began. 
Projects for 2019 include an ITV drama series, a feature film set in Ohio, a feature documentary for Science Museums and a new IN-IS album!
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BBC Drama Nomination for A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities: Aleppo and London, the show that used three tracks from ‘Seven Days’ by IN-IS and aired on the BBC, has been nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Adaptation.

Promoting Safe Listening Over The Festive Period!

If there is one message I could tell to everyone working in professional audio (composers, songwriters, engineers, producers, editors, DJs, assistants), it would be to ‘protect your ears – your ears are your livelihood’.

Thank you Belfast Media Festival

It is hard to fit ‘Everything there is to know about music rights’ into a one hour panel, but at the Belfast Media festival last week that is exactly what our panel tried to achieve.

The panel was chaired by composer Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music) with Louise Baldwin (PRS for Music), Dan McGrath (No Sheet Music), Liz Lavery (On-Music) and myself.